Upper Clutha River Track Open!

April 15th, 2010

Track Opening 27th March 2010

Enjoying the new track near Haliday Bluff

The Upper Clutha River Track was officially opened on Saturday 27th March at Pawson’s Crossing, the new bridge over the Cardrona River near Albert Town.
The track follows the mighty Clutha River from Albert Town to Short Cut Road near Luggate, and provides great views of the river and surrounding mountains, and good access for fishermen.
The track is a combined walking and cyclying track built to a lower standand than the nearby Hawea River Track, and providing a slightly more challenging ride.
The track starts at a new car park located off Kennibeg St in Albert Town, and leads a short distance upstream to Pawsons Crossing – a new bridge over the Cardrona River, before heading back down the Cardrona River to Haliday Bluff.
There is a link track that continues up the true right of the Cardrona River and then connecting to Haliday Road.
The track climb to cross the face of Haliday Bluff and this section provides great views but requires care especially for cyclists, before dropping back towards the river edge.
After about 40 minutes walking you reach Stevensons Road which provides vehicle access to and from SH6 near Wanaka Airport.
The track continues downstream along a river terrace passing the remains of a historic miners cottage as it descends to poplar Beach.
The track continues on

3 Responses to “Upper Clutha River Track Open!”

  1. Liz says:

    great track but very dangerous on a damp day as clay makes it so slippery ….. dropping fine gravel on the track would be a huge benefit

  2. john says:

    Hi Liz

    The track is quite slippery where the base is clay. It has been exceptionally wet recently, and we hope it will settle down. The track is now being managed by DOC who will keep an eye on it and may gravel some sections if it proves necessary. The problem we face is do we build 1km of all weather track that is high spec or 10km of track that can be used 90% of the time? At the moment our view is to go for the latter – monitor it and improve sections if it proves necessary.

    Thanks for the feedback!


  3. john says:

    Hi Liz

    You will be glad to know that DOC are currently gravelling some of the muddier sections of track, and some more water tabling and other minor improvements have been carried out recently. Hope you find it better now



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